MLK Boston Team

Executive Commmitee. Responsible for the overall MLK Boston project. Paul English and Reverend Liz Walker are the Co-Chairs, and Robin Powell Mandjes is our Executive Director. Robin will oversee all fundraising and community engagement, and will also be the main liaison with other groups interested in participating with this project. The Executive Committee is advised by the other committees listed here, by the Office of the Mayor of the City of Boston (representing citizens across all neighborhoods in the city), and by The Boston Foundation (representing funders).

Art Commmittee. Responsible for the solicitation and selection of the artists who will become finalizists for the artist for the memorial. More info.

Location Commmittee. Responsible for soliciting community input on memorial location, and then making and announcing the final decision. More info.

Development Commmittee. Responsible for raising funds for the memorial, from Boston institutions and philanthropists and the general public.

Advisors. Please see also our list of advisors.

There will be other committees (e.g., gala committee, education committee) but we're not ready to set those up just yet.

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