Memorial Location

One of the most important decisions we have to collectively make is where the MLK Boston memorial will be located. Understanding that Bostonians will have many different opinions, and recognizing that we must go through a public process to come to a decision, we wanted to start the conversation here.

Location Criteria

  1. Symbolism: representing the Kings' time in Boston and the symbolism of their work
  2. Access: maximum number of diverse visitors
  3. Funding: a site which can attract funding for construction and ongoing maintenance

Possible Sites

The sites that have been discussed so far include:

  • Boston Common, where Dr. King led a march and spoke
  • Boston University, where MLK earned his PhD
  • Franklin Park, one of the largest parks in Boston
  • Roxbury, maybe near the Twelfth Baptist Church, Dudley Square or Roxbury Crossing
  • South End, where the Kings lived while they were in Boston
  • UMASS Boston / JFK Library area

Should the memorial be built at one of the above locations, or is there another location entirely that makes the most sense?

Annotated Map

See our Annotated Map (and Google Map). See also articles from Curbed Boston (2016) and The Boston Globe (2018).

Let your voice be heard

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please contact us and/or join one of our community meetings.


After receiving public input at our community meetings, in our Facebook group and via email, we will work towards finalizing a location.