Art Committee and Process

The Art Committee is co-chaired by Barry Gaither (National Center for Afro-American Art, and the MFA) and Karin Goodfellow (Director of the Boston Art Commission). Other Art Committee members are:

The goal of the MLK Boston memorial is to inspire visitors by Dr. King's words, and to also reflect on Boston's history with race and civil rights, and what work is left to do. What would MLK be working on if he were alive today?

The MLK Boston Art Committee will publish a simple Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in December 2017 to solicit applications from artists from Boston and beyond. We will give artists until March 1, 2018 to send in their applications.

The Art Committee will then evaluate all applications (probably over a period of months) and then select five finalists, who will then each be paid to develop renderings for each of their proposals.

We will then go through a public review period of the five submissions, and the Art Committee will select the artist to be commissioned for this work.

Questions or suggestions for the Art Committee? Contact us.