MLK Boston

"It is always the right time to do what is right." --Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is a new movement in Boston to bring the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. back into discussions of what we want for our society today. Fifty years after his work, his words ring true more than ever.

MLK Boston is a new non-profit working closely with the City of Boston to bring a world-class MLK Memorial to Boston, and to sponsor local events and discussions to bring his words to life. With all that is going on in our nation today, we need the wisdom of Dr. King right now. It is time again to read his speeches and writings about racial equality, immigrant rights, war, economic fairness, and many other issues about social justice.

The new memorial will be designed to inspire visitors with Dr. King's words, and will challenge visitors to think about what MLK would be speaking about today, and what are the responsibilities of each of us to continue his work. This will be an "open source" project with dozens of opportunities for people to get involved.

Why Boston? - Dr. King had very formative and influential years in Boston, including getting his Ph.D. from Boston University, meeting Coretta Scott in Boston, preaching at the 12th Baptist Church, holding a march to the Boston Common where he gave a speech about civil rights, and also testifying before the Massachusetts Legislature. Dr. King also arranged to have his papers kept at Boston University. Want to learn more? See these articles: WBUR, BU, BU Legacy, Boston Globe, Curbed Boston.

The MLK Boston project was kicked off on September 20, 2017. (See Boston Globe story.)

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